Business for Beginners

Our new offering, complete with internet links is; a treasure trove, providing guidance at every turn for young entrepreneurs on the tortuous path to self-fulfilment and business success.

This amazing book, co-branded by Rotary & Teen Entrepreneur, is divided into the following sections/chapters, and provides invaluable guidance and encouragement for the would-be entrepreneur:


– What is a business?

– Why do we need businesses?

– Business is everywhere!

– Why set up a business?


The above 4 explanatory introductory sections, brilliantly illustrated, are then followed by 7 chapters, each consisting of several pages, complete with invaluable text and helpful illustrations, spread over the following, vital subject matter:


Chapter 1: How to start a business

Chapter 2: How to sell your stuff

Chapter 3: Keeping track of money

Chapter 4: People in business

Chapter 5: Making a product

Chapter 6:  Growing the business

Chapter 7:  The bigger picture

The glossary follows the 7 chapters, and consists of 3 pages of business terms, which helps the reader become fully conversant with the terms and able to “talk the language of business”. A helpful index spread over a couple of pages follows, showing how to cross-reference the subject matter and better understand the business terms, thereby building self-confidence. The reader/student will be thrilled with the colourful, imaginative, amusing cartoons/illustrations, plus the diversity on virtually all 128 pages of this comprehensive, user-friendly publication! The book is packed with invaluable “biz-advice” and tips for young entrepreneurs, for whom it could well hold the key to a successful business future.