Most larger businesses (certainly in South Africa) are legally compelled to operate Corporate Social Investment (“CSI”) programmes, which includes the promotion of literacy and learning.  As a result, the offerings of the Rotary Learning Library would comply, and assist the corporate world to meet its CSI obligations.


The Project can take the corporate through the steps necessary to meet the applicable legislated requirements and the corporate would benefit greatly by working in collaboration with a well-respected and ethical international organisation, namely the world-wide spread of some 35,000 clubs, members of Rotary International.


This form of CSI programme would, in some cases (certainly in South Africa), also qualify the corporate in question to earn BEE points


This is how it works:

  1. Club members are encouraged to identify appropriate corporate sponsors and refer them to RLL.
  2. The minimum order is 100 boxes (10 x books) and we will arrange for the corporate to purchase these books directly from Usborne in the UK at the same special price as Rotary.
  3. Books ordered can be branded with the corporate’s identity logo, mission statement, website address etc at no extra cost.  An example is shown below.
  4. The corporate will be responsible for payment directly to Usborne, and cover the costs of shipment, plus clearing the goods through customs.
  5. Due to the substantial saving to the corporate in dealing through Rotary, the corporate will be expected to make a reasonable donation (minimum R10,000) towards the Rotary Learning Library, to help us to continue promoting literacy and learning, as well as replenishing our stock of publications..
  6. Once the donation is received, the introducing club will receive a “finder’s fee” of R5000 towards their benevolent funds.
  7. The Club could conceivably generate further funds by distributing the books for the corporate, in exchange for an appropriate donation and pictures of handover ceremonies to local impoverished schools.

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